Saturday, May 15, 2010

People really gets sick. Yes!.. During the middle ages, a lot of people died

leprosy-it is the most fearsome disease of that time - LEPROSY!

Anyone with
leprosy is either being killed or isolated...

Years after came the most fearsome
disease-The black death!

It was one
of the deadliest disease in Europe from 1348 and 1350 wiping 30 to 63

percent of Europe's

Then there's the bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis and many

Until the
discovery of the penicillin...some of these diseases has already a cure..

Then another disease will


these diseases are spreading all throughout the world...

As you read more learn how to defend yourself from these modern killer body has the ability to combat these diseases all you have to do is to have a knowledge on diet and lifestyle.

The body defends itself


now said...

great article...hope to hear more from this site

Anonymous said...

we must really have good health and enjoy life.I think it is up to us if we wanna live longer and a full life. If we don't want to have a full life then I will chew tons of cigarettes

Anonymous said...

well worth reading