Like soldiers who defends a country from invaders, our body has the ability to defend itself from harmful substances and organisms that can cause diseases.Our body has the ability to heal just by itself.

The problem with many of us now is that we only depend purely on synthetic medicines to cure certain types of disease. When we feel like having a flu,we tend to immediately reach for a couple of pills and swallow it. Some people takes dozens of medicines a day and sometimes more than that!

What's  amazing is that our body even without the help of pills can cure itself from any kinds of disease. How???

IMMUNE SYSTEM!  Yes! The immune system is some kind of a protective mechanism 
designed to defend your body against millions and millions of microbes,bacterias,viruses,toxic substances and parasites that would love to invade 
your body.


Our surrounding is a habitat of millions and millions of different kinds of germs. And if just one group of germs were able to invade your body without your immune system working,you will die in a matter of days.

For us to understands the power of the immune system,all you have to do is to look at what happens to anything once it dies.When someone dies , the immune system also dies.It shuts down. In a matter of hours the body is invaded by all sorts of microbes,bacteria and parasites...none of these germs are able to get in when your 

immune system is working,but the moment your immune system stops,the door is 
wide open for invading forces of deadly organisms.That is why when somebody 
dies...in a matter of weeks the body decomposes.

With your immune system working, it can fight off anything that would try to invade 
your body.They are like soldiers always on guard,defending its territory.

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs that works 

together to protect our body. The cells involved are WHITE BLOOD CELLS or 

LEUKOCYTES - they seek out and destroy disease causing bacteria.These leukocytes 

circulates around the body like roving patrols to look for enemy invaders.

There are two basic types of leukocytes: THE PHAGOCYTES-cells that chew up 

invading organisms.

LYMPHOCYTES - cells that allow the body to remember and recognize previous 

invaders and helps the body destroy them.

When our immune system is weak, our body might loose the war between the body 


Like for example if our body is sickened with AIDS which stands for Acquired Immune 

Deficiency Syndrome .The immune system  here is weakened that is why the victims of 
AIDS dies from complications.Their body is attacked by tons of deadly organisms.

When our immune system is weak,we gets sick easily. A little stress will make you 

sick. A little of this and a little of that will make you end up in a hospital bed.

So the best thing for us to do here is to strengthen our immune system that our body's 

defenses will be able to work well, fight well and kill all the invading forces.Just 

imagine soldiers of the United States fighting without eating , without drinking and 

without proper care...they might loose the war.

Strengthening the immune system is what our bodies desire.

If you want to be healthy and free from any disease, make your immune system