MYTH: Processed foods are not nutritious

FACT: Most of the processed foods are just as nutritious or even more nutritious than  fresh foods depending on the manner in which they are being processed.
Frozen veggies are usually processed within hours after harvest , so they retain their vitamins content. In contrast, fresh vegetables are being harvested and transported to markets which take days and even weeks to arrive.The result is their vitamins and minerals content is gradually reduced before reaching the dinner table.

MYTH: Carbohydrates can cause weight gain

FACT: Carbohydrates don't cause weight gain unless they contribute to excess calorie intake. The same holds true to protein and fat. Research shows that people who successfully maintain weight loss tend to eat diets that are high in carbohydrate.

MYTH: Eating more calories in the evening makes you fat.

FACT: Some people indulge in eating large serving of fat-free foods, such as cakes,cookies and crackers without realizing that these foods may contain the same amount or even much higher calories.
Other low fat or no fat foods may still contain lots of calories. To name a few: extra sugar, flour, food thickeners.

MYTH: Eating too much sugar can cause diabetes

FACT: Eating sugary foods is unlikely to cause healthy people develop diabetes. But eating  anything high in calories and fat - whether burgers,cream filled donuts,sugary soft drinks, can contribute to weight gain.Ans obese people are high risk for diabetes.

MYTH: You cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding

FACT: Well, that is an old wives tale..Breastfeeding tends to depress ovulation, so it does decrease the fertility rate.But it's definitely not a sure thing.

MYTH: Eating spicy foods causes ulcers

FACT: A type of bacteria causes ulcers..eating spicy foods worsens the effects of existing ulcers.

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