Years ago only persons aged 50 above are at risk of having 

diabetes. Now, it is different.

Just recently, i have seen on t.v. a documentary story of a 22 year 

old call center agent suffering from diabetes.The disease is 

 starting to cause his eyes to get blind. A young woman also 

discovered that she has diabetes after consulting a doctor 

regarding  her wounded foot which does not heal.After some blood 

tests,she was diagnosed of having diabetes.Her age? 28 years old!

Diabetes is no longer for the aged only. Even young men and 

women are at risk  of having diabetes as early as 30 years old.And 

that is what we have to be aware of.

Sadly, the younger generation  doesn't even care of this diabetes 

explosion until it is too late.To them it is only for the old ones.They 

kept on practicing unhealthy lifestyles such as eating foods high in 

fats and sugars...swallowing  junk foods..drinking too many 

sodas...eating processed foods ...unhealthy foods common on chain 

fast foods. It makes them look high profile eating burgers than 


I have known a friend who practices a lifestyle of -just swallow-

anything. I mean,whatever he wants to eat, he will eat without 

caution. He drinks a can of soda every hour per day, eats on 

different fast food restaurants and much more! Ten years after he 

was diagnosed to be a diabetic! His vision starts to get  blurry, he 

became so thin, His heart is not functioning well, he is suffering 

from high blood pressure and skin rashes,he always collapses, his 

strength is gone and he cannot do the normal things had been 

doing before. Why??? Because he is now a victim of the culprit - 

DIABETES! And the worse thing  here is that he is still young...and 


Do we have to be afraid of diabetes??? what do you think? If you 

are not afraid and not concerned about your health then continue 

on your unhealthy lifestyle.

But I have listed some dangers of  having a diabetes here:

DIABETIC RETINOPATHY- It is a condition that causes the eye 
 to get blind due to the sugar deposits on the eye nerves...you'll suffer being blind forever.

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY- It is a nerve disorder.You wont feel anything...numbness.


ATHEROSCLEROSIS- Hardening of the arteries





GANGRENE - Resulting to the amputation of one or both feet


All of these will be yours once you are a diabetic.The 

complications being brought by diabetes can be fatal.

 The good news here is that it can be prevented by practicing a 

healthy lifestyle.Remember that diabetes strikes more and more 

people every year both young and old alike...it may be your uncle 

or it may be you!!!

And this disease can lead to severe complications such as heart 

problems,kidney troubles, blindness and amputation of the 

limbs.How can we prevent diabetes??? "An ounce of prevention is 

better than a pound of cure".

Here are simple seven ways to prevent you from getting diabetes:

Eat healthy and wisely. Eating smaller portions is a great way to lose weight. You can make it look like more by using a smaller plate or a salad plate. Avoid snacking while you are cooking. Don't be tempted to eat the unfinished food to keep from throwing it away or storing it in the refrigerator. Eat breakfast every day, and make your meal and snack times regular by having them at the same time each day.

Skip desserts and refined sugars. When eating out, have a good-sized vegetable salad to take the edge off your appetite. When you receive your entree, share it with your dinner companion, or ask for a take-home box immediately after receiving your meal. Have meals that have been stir fried or baked.

Use low-salt broth instead of oil and butter.

Limit your meat, poultry, and fish intake to no more than three ounces a day. In size, this is equal to about the size of a pack of cards. Another good tip is to listen to music instead of watching TV while you are eating. If you are watching TV while you are eating, you are not aware of how much you are eating and will almost always overeat.

Drinking a full glass of water before eating will also help reduce your appetite.

Increase your exercise. Next to diet, exercise is vital to a healthy body especially for diabetics. If nothing else, try walking every day or swimming at your local club. Taking walks is a nice way to keep up with your friends and an enjoyable, healthy way to take a break from work related stress. If possible, avoid the elevator and take the stairs as much as you can. You can try to march in place if you cannot get outside for some reason.

If you are eating at a fast-food restaurant, choose the healthier foods, such as grilled chicken, salads and fruits. 

Practicing these simple steps will prevent you from having diabetes..all you need is a change of lifestyle and discipline.

What causes diabetes?Read more here:

Poor Diet (Malnutrition Related Diabetes) : Improper nutrition, low protein and fiber intake, high intake of refined products are the expected reasons for developing diabetes.

Obesity and Fat Distribution : Being overweight means increased insulin resistance, that is if body fat is more than 30%, BMI 25+, waist grith 35 inches in women or 40 inches in males.

Hereditary or Inherited Traits : It is strongly believed that due to some genes which passes from one generation to another, a person can inherit diabetes. It depends upon closeness of blood relationship as mother is diabetic, the risk is 2 to 3%, father is diabetic, the risk is more than the previous case and if both the parents are diabetic, the child has much greater risk for diabetes.

Stress : Either physical injury or emotional disturbance is frequently blamed as the initial cause of the disease. Any disturbance in Corticosteroid or ACTH therapy may lead to clinical signs of the disease.

Sedentary Lifestyle : People with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to diabetes, when compared to those who exercise thrice a week.




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