Burn-out is what happens when a person works too hard under too much stress, for too long a period of time,which causes him to loose his equilibrium.

A professor of social studies says " There are  more people in danger of succumbing to the burn-out syndrome  now than in any period in our history. The reasons: There are now more people working,greater competition for jobs and inflation is placing tremendous pressure on people to keep their jobs."
Burn-out describes people who once loved their work, but now have become overwhelmed by it. Life has
become mere existence,no longer do they cope effectively. They have lost their desire to cope,lost their desire

 to work. Burn-out is the most severe form of stress. It can happen to anybody.

Physical weariness is one of the most prominent symptom of burn-out. when you are faced with burn-out, you
are tired all the time. You sleep tired, you wakes up tired, you feel tired all day. You suffer
headache,insomnia,hypertension,chest pains....you are like an 
 exhausted engine.

How to avoid burn-out?


 Here are some of the helpful tips for you to avoid burn-out:

1.Take time off - To avoid burn-out,you must learn to have an off. You must rest and take a vacation from time to

2.Take care of yourself physically - Stop neglecting you body physically. Exercise. Most people who are on the
verge of burning out have been so busy that they have no time for tennis or any physical exercise. Exercise always.

3.Learn to say " no" - You are not a superhero. You cannot do everything at the same time. The burn-out
 candidate takes more and more.He doesn't know how to say no.

4.Delegate responsibility Delegate responsibility at home as well as the office. Dwight L. Moody says, "The
successful man isn't the man who does the work of ten men,but he who gets ten men to do the work.

5.Have a quiet time with God - Pray. Ask God the strength you need everyday.Meditate before going to sleep and
before going to work.